2RuleSynth V3

30 ratings
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2RuleSynth V3

30 ratings

2RuleSynth v3.0 Released

New Effect layers added as a separate window. Each effect can be connected to any other effects: Reverb, Dleay, Chorus, Phasor, Decimator, Distortion, PitchShifter, CombFilter, Vibrato, Tremolo, wiyh many parameters

GUI refinemets.

Several Bugs fixed.


  • 2 Independent Oscillators
  • Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square, White Noise.
  • Controls: Waveform, Mode, Fine-Tune, Octave.
  • Each Oscillators has its own filter ,  amp and filter ADSR and LFOs
  • ADSR Controls: Depth, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release.
  • LFOs for amp, filter and pitch syncable to tempo
  • Ring algorithm Osc1 x Osc2
  • FM modulator Oscillator 1 modulates Oscillator 2.
  • Self resonance Moog type filter Low Pass,High Pass, Band Pass for each oscillator
  • Mono/Polyphonic control.
  • Spectrum and Wave Windows 
  • Reverb 
  • Delay syncable to tempo
  • Chorus
  • Waveshape distortion
  • 8 note polyphonic operation.
  • Preset randomize button
  • 49 factory presets (some suitable for Musique concrète)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Read

Some Mac users mention that due to Catalina(also Big Sure and Monterey) security issue, Ableton and similar DAWs do not recognize 2RuleSynth . DAW users (including Ableton) can bypass security steps if they trust me as a developer .

a)Before copying 2RuleSynth to vst3 folder, open Ableton and do "Plugin Rescan."

b) after Rescan is finished, copy 2RuleSynth to the corresponding vst3 folder.

c) Open the terminal(MAC) window and go to the vst3 folder and type "sudo xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine 2RuleSynth.vst3" and enter. (it can ask your password of your macos screen)

d) Do again Rescan on Ableton.

I did all steps in order and it worked, I hope it works for you too.

If you encounter a problem, you can send an e-mail to tugrulvega@gmail.com.

The video I used


I want this!


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