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TugGlicento V3 (VST3, AU)

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Hi everybody

NEW TugGlicento V3

New Features

  • Automation for all Effect Parameters
  • New Distortion Rack
  • GUI Improvements
  • New Presets for Automation Lines.


  • Phasor parameter improvements
  • Vibration bug fixed
  • Low Pass filter added to distortion and Decimeter
  • New Parameter for CombFilters, Tremola etc...
  • Repeater improvements.
  • Refinement GUI
  • Several little bugs

Some info about duration and speeds

I have fixed the the Logic plugin validator problem for Audio Unit version.

Only users that have Logic problem should download TugGLicento


(Date 18-September-2022)

Not: before copying the plugin to the related vst3 directory, you should delete or uninstall the old version

Bugs fixed

  • FL studio weird feedback noise is fixed(variable buffer problem for windows and mac)
  • improvement and bug fixed for Repeater effect (little improvement)
  • ADSR mouse interaction improved
  • Filter automation problem fixed

New Features:

  • Dry/Wet Knob
  • ReSync counter added(this counter  shows and set the resync time)
  • Randomization buttons for every group of parameters are added
  • AU version 
  • GUI polishing
  • Pitch Shifter Note params are added(Musical)
  • RingModulator Note params are added(Musical)
  • solo buttons are added to effects rocks panels (near effect combobox in the effect racks)
  • Reverb Tail/no tail switch added (reverb is cut or not)
  • No filter option is added to filter type.

Some Mac users mention that due to Catalina(also Big Sure and Monterey) security issue, Ableton and similar DAWs do not recognize TugGlicento . DAW users (including Ableton) can bypass security steps if they trust me as a developer .

a)Before copying TugGlicento to vst3 folder, open Ableton and do "Plugin Rescan."

b) after Rescan is finished, copy TugGlicento to the corresponding vst3 folder.

c) Open the terminal(MAC) window and go to the vst3 folder and type "sudo xattr -rd TugGlicentoV3.vst3" and enter. (it can ask your password of your macos screen)

d) Do again Rescan on Ableton.

I did all steps in order and it worked, I hope it works for you too.

If you encounter a problem, you can send an e-mail to

The video I used

TugGlicento is an audio effect (Glitch effect) plugin for Windows (VST3), Mac (VST3)  it  can play multiple effects simultaneously, by  triggering box TugGlicento  can be as gentle or as noisy as you like. TugGlicento devide audio signal to 5 band with different filter setting (Lowpass, BandPass, HighPass) then apply an effect.


  • Variable speeds for each line
  • 5 Band independent moog filter (edge of self resonance)
  • 5 band ADSR and LFO (syncable) for filter 
  • Effects for each line 
  • Variable beats for each line.
  • Variable duration for each line.
  • Matrix.
  • Randomization.
  • Presets.

If you encounter a problem, you can send an e-mail to

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TugGlicento V3 (VST3, AU)

195 ratings
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